Inspired by the viral video phenomenon #LipSyncChallenge, the new CBS special "Lip Sync to the Rescue" features first responders channeling their inner pop stars and lip-syncing to hit songs.

and we are totally going to try and learn those routines. the band cut the music. who needs a stadium sound system when you can dance to your own tune, huh? Being Bruno, he even brought out a.

“As long as people hear our music, I don’t mind how they do it. It’s all about getting people out to see a show.” There’s a new sheriff of Uptown Funk in town. It sounds like us learning how to.

Kidz Bop brought the live version of its. For adult ears, it’s a bit odd to hear "Uptown Funk,” “Despacito” and “Havana” coming from the youthful voices. But the songs, costume changes and dancing.

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Boston Dynamics released a video of its SpotMini robot dancing to "Uptown Funk." SpotMini has previously wowed the. quiet — as it often does — about how the robot managed to learn its moves. Boston.

Kidz Bop has scored big with versions of songs like Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” Taylor Swift’s “Shake It. a sort of Kidz Bop fantasy camp, where kids can learn dance moves, write.

As a boy, Ronson was nicknamed “the sponge” because of his eagerness to learn about all kinds. Ronson labored over “Uptown Funk.” At times, he became physically ill because of this track. It paid.

Maceo Smith High School in Dallas are learning to be masters of the long take. The school went viral last year with an Uptown Funk video that reached 13. Motivate and Encourage others," Pankey says.

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Last summer agencies from across the country took on the Lip Sync Challenge and many videos went viral, including the Norfolk Police Department’s ‘Uptown Funk’ sing-a-long. Police’s rendition of.

Kidz Bop has scored big with versions of songs such as Kelly Clarkson’s ‘‘Since U Been Gone’’ (2004), Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘‘Uptown Funk’’ (2014. Kidz Bop fantasy camp where kids can learn.

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Kidz Bop, the biggest kids act in the world, is coming to Pinewood Bowl Sunday afternoon. The “sung by kids for kids” touring group is a spinoff from the hit compilation albums of kids covering.

Did Mark Ronson Write Uptown Funk The Londoner made it through to the final last night, having wowed viewers with her cover version of Mark Ronson’s single Uptown Funk on Saturday night. Sharing a snap of it, she wrote: "We did it! Dig into the liner notes of the biggest pop records of the last 15 years and Mark. OF SONG,
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“As it says in the name, Kidz Bop is today’s biggest hits sung by kids for kids,” said Kidz Bop President Victor Zaraya, calling from New York City. “I think what’s happened is there was a space for.

Though he does not quite achieve the stratospheric success of hits he was responsible for – like Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and Lady Gaga and Bradley. or log in to continue reading the full article.

More from WWD His most notable hit as of late, “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars. summer vacations between the ages of 12 and.

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including this year’s hottest song "Uptown Funk," as part of the seventh annual "Salute to the Military" USO concert spectacular. Hosted by the First Family and attended by more than 1,200 military.

Meet Scot Pankey, a theater arts teacher who has come up with a novel lesson plan: Learning can be fun. trusted their teacher and got down to Uptown Funk!!!!” Bravo, Mr. Pankey! We can’t wait for.

The Chamber Music Society sponsors both the Cello Ensemble and Flute Ensemble. The various ensembles are able to collaborate and learn from Boston College. Train” and then transitioned into “Uptown.

First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her dance moves at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, breaking it down to the hit song "Uptown Funk" with cast members from. Only later did she learn much.

“As long as people hear our music, I don’t mind how they do it. It’s all about getting people out to see a show.” There’s a new sheriff of Uptown Funk in town. It sounds like us learning how to.